28 April 2020

Value of blockchain in healthcare

Mirko De Maldè, president at Government Blockchain Association Italy, says data ownership, access and control, in addition to consent management, are just a few of the benefits that blockchain can provide in healthcare.

In this brief interview, Mirko De Maldè – CEO @ Thairis, provides an overview of the potential of blockchain in the healthcare domain – following a full day workshop on the topic organised within the HIMSS Europe 2019 event in Helsinki. The workshop, attended by many health professionals and several executives in the blockchain space, provided an overview of the different use case scenarios, also allowing different companies (such as Longenesis, PharmaTrust, Remedy, MedicalChain and others) to present their value proposition and discuss opportunities and challenges of DLTs in the health domain. The Workshop was introduced by John Halamka, who also participated, as speaker, to another session on Blockchain and Healthcare – organised within the same event, and chaired by Mirko De Maldè.