The Team



Mirko De Maldè, is the CEO and Founder at Thairis, has several years of experience in research and innovation in the medical sector. Mirko is a project manager with more than ten years of experience in managing large EU-funded projects in eHealth, data management, privacy and blockchain in healthcare.


Mirko has been focusing on ethical and economic issues related to the introduction of novel technologies in the healthcare domain, specialising in the topics of data-driven innovation and relevant ethical, economic, and public policy challenges. Mirko has taken part in several EU-funded projects in the field, including MyHealthMyData. Mirko is expert in blockchain-based business model design and implementation and accumulated in-depth understanding of the usage of distributed ledger technologies for sorting out complex issues in the healthcare domain, in particular for data access control and exchange and for chronic diseases management.


Mirko De Maldè is also a member of the Healthcare Working Group at the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA), Italian Ambassador of the Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) Peer Reviewed Journal, and President of the Italian Chapter of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA).


Mirko attended as a speaker in several national and international events in the field of eHealth, blockchain in healthcare, and data-driven innovation (including HIMSS Europe, Research Data Alliance Global Plenaries, Wired Italy, and several blockchain congresses around Europe).



Lorenzo Marino is an experienced project manager and designer.

He achieved two Master degrees in project management and design and worked as designer and manager in several projects for SMEs and cultural associations and in last years has been the network manager of the Rome Newsstands Network.

He also worked for three years as external auditor on financial statements and expense reports of projects funded through ESF and FP7 funds.

As member staff of the Deputy Mayor for Job and Training policies of the Municipality of Rome worked on the Youth Guarantee programme in Rome and on management of the 80 yearly vocational educational training courses funded by European and Regional funds organized by the Municipality of Rome.