Thairis is an independent consultancy company focusing on digital transformation, innovation management, design of new digital services (with a specific expertise in distributed ledger technologies – DLTs) and new technology-driven business modelling.


The company provides expertise in the conception, management and execution of publicly and privately funded projects – and specifically of EU-FUNDED projects – in the field of digital innovation, with a focus on eHealth and health innovation at large. Beside project management, the company offers services for the exploitation of results (providing business modelling services and validation of value proposition with key stakeholders) and for communication and dissemination (leveraging specific expertise in scientific communication).


Thairis aims at supporting digital transformation processes, by brokering knowledge and architecting solutions capable of making the best of the combination of multiple innovative technologies, toward the creation of novel services and products.


Thairis focuses in particular on digital transformation in the healthcare domain, through the adoption of novel technologies for security and privacy preservation, distributed data gathering and management – through dedicated DLTs implementation, patient-generated data management, new forms of consent management, and novel AI-based decision support tools.