Vision & mission

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

— Ulysses, A. Tennyson

Beyond and not yet

These are the key concepts underlying Thairis’ vision. Beyond, because there is a need to keep a forward-looking attitude to anticipate the technological trends that will shape the future of our societies. Not yet, as a reminder of the fact thar there is not an outcome to the innovation process. There is a fine line, a constant tension, between “not happened yet” and “already disrupting the existing environment”.


Beyond and not yet becomes a state of mind – a combination of preparedness and resilience which asks to always step outside of established comfort zones, toward the continuous exploration of a never-ending frontier.


We are in an era of extreme convergence, which is bringing the whole world on the verge of radical changes which will affect the daily lives of billions of people. The rapid convergence of AI, distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), novel manufacturing techniques, 5G, robotics, data gathering and management tools, Internet of things, AR and VR, quantum computing, and so forth, will soon bring significant innovation in a variety of sectors, from medicine to transportation, from art to shopping, from education to advertisement, from food to insurance.


Making the right questions

Developing a robust understanding of the main trajectories and trends in the technological arena and developing appropriate strategies for leveraging these novelties is a fundamental asset for any innovative endeavour.


Still, such an ever-changing environment makes more and more difficult to keep the pace with the continuous flow of innovations, and to have enough knowledge in all the different converging elements which will shape our future.


In this sense, making the right questions will be the ultimate skill required to win in this game, escaping the competition, and surfing the innovation tsunami which is already sucking water from the shores. Thairis aims at making sense of the fast-approaching future by posing the correct questions and outlining potential answers which allow stakeholders in the innovation arena to take advantage from the forthcoming opportunities, bringing new value to business, society and citizens.