Thairis offers a set of services for facilitating the ideation, implementation, and market outreach for novel technologies in a variety of contexts.


EU-Funded and national research projects

A specific area of expertise is in the ideation, implementation, submission and management of EU-funded research projects (large H2020 cooperative projects, EIC Accelerator Program, Fast Track to Innovation, and so forth). Within this area, Thairis offers the following services:



Thairis offers services for Grant conception, design, preparation, and submission.

For supporting the ideation and implementation of novel technologies, Thairis offers an articulates set of skills aimed at designing compelling research d and development projects, with the aim of seeking grants at the national and international level, with a focus on EU-funded research program (such as Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe). Thairis also enjoys a significant network of European and non-European partners and can provide support to the creation of a project Consortium.



Thairis offers a set of diversified skills for project management, coordination, financial management, of EU-funded proejcts

Thairis offers the expertise needed for managing EU-funded projects of different size and complexity. Contractual and financial management, monitoring of the project activities and relevant timing, are all services included in the Thairis offering.

Thairis also offers specific expertise for EU-funded projects exploitation, communication and dissemination

During the project, Thairis offers specific services for designing the exploitation plan for all project’s outcomes, including appropriate strategies for IPR management, innovation management, and technology transfer. Thairis also takes care of setting up and implementing appropriate communication and dissemination strategies for the project.



Beside EU-funded projects, Thairis offers dedicated services to innovative SMEs for business modelling and market outreach, supporting the design of the business model and the selection of the most suitable routes to the market, facilitating hi-tech companies is achieving their objectives in terms of market positioning and outreach.


These services include:

  • Business model design – using lean methodology
  • Market analysis
  • Definition of key value propositions
  • Pitching
  • Seeking funding (private investors, business angels, start-up programs, public grants)