29 April 2020

Blockchain for the healthcare sector: use cases and future trends

How the blockchain can support the healthcare sector in sorting out existing issues with data management and simplify the work of hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.

The article provides an outline of the many cases of use of blockchain technology in the health sector that will lead to significant innovations for the benefit of operators, industry and patients.


The services explored span from innovative models for patient-centred data management, the creation of data cooperatives, new models of consent management, clinical trials organisation, drugs development, support of healthy lifestyles, and so forth.


Several technological innovations are in place, capable of profoundly changing the health sector: artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of (medical) things, genomics, 3D printing. These technologies can – particularly if combined – change health services, doctor-patient interactions, diagnosis and treatment, towards the inversion of the 4Ps paradigm Medicine (Personalized, Predictive, Preventive, Participatory).


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